FAMILY MATTERS: Gardasil – It’s Vital Parents Make An Informed Decision

Gardasil – It’s Vital Parents Make An Informed Decision

The Herald on Sunday screamed with the headline: “White girls don’t have sex” and highlighted the comments of a Massey University researcher who believes that well-off parents – and especially Pakeha parents – are in denial over the need for their teens to have the HPV Vaccinations otherwise known as Gardasil. But perhaps the ‘parents in denial’ that this media report disparagingly refers to are actually making an informed considered decision. Bob McCoskrie examines the issue in this short episode.

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Family First supports vaccines which are proven to be safe and effective. However, the decision of whether to vaccinate against HPV or any other sexually transmitted infection should remain with the child’s parent / guardian. The use of these vaccines should involve informed consent for parents as well as education for both parents and youth regarding the potential benefits and risks of the vaccine.

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