St Bede's parents High Court action 'stinks of self-entitlement'

Stuff 23 March 2015
Schoolboys will be schoolboys, but parents can be their own worst enemies.
Bravo to St Bede’s College Rector, Justin Boyle, for standing firm on the school’s code of conduct. Breaching airport  security, by illegally taking a ride on a luggage carousel into the secure area is no trifling matter.
The two roguish rowers who did so at Auckland Airport on Friday, should count themselves lucky that the police and Aviation Security let them off with a stern warning.
But as ambassadors of the school, competing in an elite sporting regatta, their feckless actions blatantly breached the school’s code of conduct, which they and their parents willingly signed up to.
Sidelining these carousel clowns from the Maadi Cup was the only credible option for Justin Boyle. In his 13 years as rector of St Bede’s his firm but fair leadership style has been his unwavering trademark.
Highly-respected for his zero-tolerance approach on bullying and drugs, Boyle has insisted that the school community plays by the rules, and those who fall foul of the rules face clear consequences.
His decision to axe the  carousel riders from the school’s Maadi Cup rowing team is entirely consistent with the school’s  values, and more-importantly, fully in accordance with the code of conduct. 

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