Hope for dead teen's sperm

Stuff co.nz 29 March 2015
A review of laws on creating babies from dead people’s sperm and eggs has boosted hopes an inspirational Auckland teenager can father a child despite dying 11 years ago.
Sharon Duncan’s son, promising young filmmaker Cameron Duncan, died aged 17 from bone cancer in November 2003.
The previous year, when only aged 15, he banked sperm before starting chemotherapy because he knew it could destroy his fertility and he wanted children in his future.
At the time, he signed a form gifting the sperm to his mother if he died.
To date, New Zealand’s laws and regulations have blocked his mother’s desire to use his frozen sperm to create her grandchild.
However, she has welcomed a move by the Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART) to seek ministerial approval to start reviewing outdated laws and regulations about collection, storage and use of gametes and embryos from dead and comatose people.

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