NZ behind in paid parental leave

Stuff 1 April 2015
Parents taking time off work to care for their children will have more money in their pockets – but compared with those in other developed countries they are getting a rough deal.
On Wednesday the Government’s paid parental leave increases by two weeks to 16 weeks.
This puts New Zealand in 29th place, equal with Spain and Turkey, out of the world’s 34 developed countries in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) rankings.
The only developed countries lagging behind it are Switzerland and Mexico with 14 and 12 weeks respectively and the United States, which doesn’t offer any paid parental leave.
From April 1 next year, it will increase by another two weeks, putting New Zealand on par with Australian parents. That should bump the country up to 26th equal on the OECD rankings.
Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse said not only had the Government committed to extending paid parental leave, it had also confirmed measures to improve access to it.

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