Today's toddlers spend 11 hours or more in daycare

Stuff 10 May 2015
It is dark when Sarah Topsom wakes her children and it is dark when they get home.
On a good day the alarm sounds at 5.15am, on a bad day it is 4.30am.
Their daughters are dressed and bundled into the car.  It can be up to two-hours in peak hour traffic to travel from Army Bay, north of Auckland, into the city centre.
Once they arrive at work the children can be in daycare from seven to 11 hours before the journey home.
On a busy day, Topsom is the first to drop the children off and last one to pick them up.
“Sometimes you feel terrible because you run through the door with a minute to spare,” she said  “But I’m not the only who thinks they’ll be the last one to pick up the kids.”
This isn’t an unusual story.

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