'This is a want operation': Free sex change surgery idea rejected

OneNews 20 May 2015
A question posed to ONE News readers about whether sex change surgery should be made free in New Zealand has been met with a resounding no.
“Never. ..time to operate on those who need it…This a want operation,” wrote ONE News reader Sean Parkinson.
Many readers, including Debbie Booth, don’t agree with state-funded sex change surgery because they think there are more urgent medical priorities to spend the money on.
“No! There are kids out there needing medication the govt won’t fund, people dying every day because they lack meds or need surgery. Transgender operations are LOW priority on my list,” wrote Ms Booth.
Chantel Cox empathised with people wanting to undergo the surgery, but ultimately says they’re other things the money should be spent on.
“It’s a hard one. I do feel for them and I know it could be a life saving operation in some cases BUT what about those who are on waiting lists for other life saving operations? Is money going to be found for them too?”

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