Caitlyn Jenner shines a light on Samoan fa'afafine

Stuff 6 June 2015
It’s not all about Caitlyn Jenner – Samoans need to have their own conversation about fa’afafine role models.
An open letter written by the world’s first transgender woman to play in a Fifa World Cup football qualifier match, American Samoan Jaiyah Saelua, has caused a stir in the Pacific community.
The 26-year-old said young Samoans may be fascinated by Caitlyn Jenner’s recent transformation from a man to a woman, but the former Olympian is still just a “stranger”.
“A lot of people in Polynesian culture praise famous people for breaking boundaries,” she said.
Jenner is called “brave and courageous” by people who don’t necessarily support fa’afafine in their own community, she said.

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