Tackling transphobia in Auckland schools

Stuff co.nz 23 June 2015
Some students are not going to the toilet all day because they don’t feel safe using school bathrooms.
RainbowYOUTH education director Aych McArdle says cases like this are a daily occurrence and transphobic bullying is a reality in Kiwi schools.
Gender neutral uniforms, unisex toilets, welcoming same-sex partners at school balls and inclusive sports teams are all recommended in new sexuality education guidelines
It is the first time the Ministry of Education guide has been revised since 2002.
McArdle says schools need to create safe, inclusive learning environments for all of their students and adopting these guidelines is a start.
“You will have queer and gender diverse students at your school – they exist – and everyone involved in the school community – teachers, principals, parents, students – is responsible for that environment to be a safe space for all students.”
Four out of every 100 students reported that they were either transgender or that they were not sure of their gender in a 2012 survey of 8500 secondary school students.

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