Families Tighten Budget – So Should Councils

Media Release 25 June 2015
Family First NZ is calling on Auckland Council to do what Auckland families have had to do – tighten their belt.  

“Families throughout New Zealand have, over the past years, had to make sacrifices and look for specials and discounts as they cope with increasing prices. They have not had the luxury of raising their income by 10% with a simple vote,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.  

“It’s time that local councils including the Auckland City Council took the same approach. They should not pass on out-of-control spending to families. It’s time that they too tightened their belt.”  

“Increased costs to businesses will also be passed on to consumers,” says Mr McCoskrie.  

“For many families, an increase in rates will put them under huge pressure – an increased cost which they cannot simply pass on to others, as councils can do.”  

“Families, local bodies and government cannot simply spend spend spend without accountability for that spending and without facing the consequences of an out-of-control budget – family or otherwise.”


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