Woman beat daughter with a piece of wood

Stuff co.nz 3 July 2015
A woman who hit her daughter with a piece of wood will receive no further punishment, a judge has decided.
The mother struck the girl with a piece of wood after she had stayed overnight at a friend’s house and didn’t tell the family where she was.
The Christchurch District Court was earlier told that when the girl returned home she was beaten around the arms and legs with the wood. Other family members also assaulted her.
The woman, who has name suppression to protect the girl, has completed counselling, and the other family members have had their charges resolved through the court.
Defence counsel Anya Gartner said the woman’s counselling was a good outcome for the family who were now aware of the boundaries imposed on parents in New Zealand.
Judge Jane Farish told the woman that her daughter did do a wrong thing and had put herself at risk without thinking through the consequences of her actions.

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