More parents in England prosecuted for taking children out of school

The Guardian 12 August 2015
Increasing numbers of parents are being taken to court because their children have skipped school, with thousands facing action last year.
Figures obtained by the Press Association show that 16,430 parents in England were prosecuted for failing to ensure their children went to school in 2014 – equivalent to around 86 cases for each day of the school year.
This is up a quarter on 2013, when 13,128 people were taken to court.
The increase comes after a crackdown on children missing school, including strict new rules on term-time holidays introduced two years ago.
Headteachers said that while it may not always be easy for parents to ensure their children attend school, it was their responsibility and that they should talk to the children’s school if there were problems.
Ministry of Justice statistics gathered by the Press Association through a freedom of information request show that of those taken to court last year, around three quarters (76%) – 12,479 – were found guilty, a 22% jump on the year before.

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