Warning over child sex offender register

3News 14 August 2015
A psychologist who works with child sex offenders is warning a proposed register may deter sexual abusers from seeking help.

Under the bill introduced by the government this week, all child sex offenders will have to go on the register, including those who committed offences abroad.

Family First says it would help protect communities.

“To bring their criminal offending into the open and exposed to the light of day means that families and school communities will be aware of the safety concerns and can ensure that safeguards are put in place,” said national director Bob McCoskrie.

“Child sex offenders need to understand that one of the consequences of their actions will be the right of families and communities to be aware of what they have done.”

The Sensible Sentencing Trust also supports it and said: “A child sex offender register is an essential human right of a child.”
Costs of child sex offender register revealed
3News 15 August 2015
Child sexual abuse is a serious problem in New Zealand.

In 2012/13, 505 offenders were convicted of 1819 sex offences against children, up by more than 20 percent from a decade earlier, according to the statement.
In 2012/2013 ACC had 779 sensitive claims for sexual abuse lodged for children under the age of 16 years.
Offender registers have been implemented in a number of overseas jurisdictions and they help government agencies to identify and manage the risk of sex offending in the community, the statement says.
Risks associated with registers include human rights and privacy concerns, the cost of maintaining them, and the possibility of stigmatising offenders, which can have the effect of increasing re-offending.


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