Wealthy sperm donor fears contact from more than two dozen offspring

Stuff co.nz 4 September 2015
A wealthy sperm donor who has more than 24 children is pleading with Australia’s Victorian government to keep his identity secret because he fears his offspring will want to contact him and establish relationships.
The sperm donor is threatening legal action over the Government’s controversial plan to release the personal details of men who donated sperm anonymously in the 1980s and 1990s, regardless of whether they consent.
The senior academic said his greatest fear is that two dozen young adults could start arriving on the doorstep of his home in an affluent Melbourne suburb seeking a father figure, or money.
“I’m not massively rich, but I’ve made a few bob along the way. I don’t want them thinking ‘Ooh, look at this guy living in a big house… with a Mercedes in his driveway’,” he said.
“When you think about it, anyone who contacts you is going to have a problem…. If I have that many kids, what is the chance of having one who is disabled?”
The man, now aged in his 60s, donated sperm on dozens of occasions in the 1980s because he and his wife felt sorry for infertile couples.
They have not told their own adult children about it and he recently learnt his sperm had produced more than 20 children for 12 families.

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