Into the River interim ban debate contiues

3News 11 September 2015
Family First is adamant it never tried to get raunchy teen novel Into the River banned while booksellers are hitting back with a call for an overhaul of censorship law.

Ted Dawe’s award-winning coming-of-age novel was pulled from library and bookshop shelves on Monday after the Film and Literature Board of Review slapped it with an interim ban.

It’s the latest twist in a back-and-forth censorship battle and the board’s final decision is expected next month.

Family First has been arguing it never called for a ban, only an age restriction, and it reiterated this today by releasing its full application for an interim restriction order.

“But we also do not believe the book should be freely available to nine-year-olds, for example, as determined by the deputy chief censor,” the conservative lobby group says


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