We won’t “chill out” opposing misogynistic messages

Media Release 15 Sep 2015
WARNING: Contains offensive material

Family First NZ is labelling calls for the group to ‘chill out’ about the messaging in ZOO magazine as flippant and brainless, and says that it will continue to oppose any messaging that promotes sexual violence, objectification of women, and teaches boys to be predatory.

ZOO magazine is just one example of a confused society that on one hand is content to ignore the promotion of a rape culture and the objectification of women and children, while at the same time express an abhorrence of the ‘roastbusters’ mentality and lament our unacceptable rates of sexual violence in New Zealand,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“We agree with Australian campaigners that this magazine normalises the sexualisation and objectification of women, teaches boys to be predatory, encourages sexual harassment and violence, and is harmful to young people.”

Family First is listing examples from the magazine, and challenges those opposing their stand to confirm whether they support this type of messaging in our communities.

Boys can find advice like this:

“You think your girl’s so dewy­eyed she’s never sucked d*ck before? She knows how it works…. Is your girlfriend a bunny rabbit? A fragile rice­paper arrangement? No? Then how about you let her know she’s being f**ked?… she’ll like you taking charge like a real man.”


‘If the object of your affection is drinking, that’s already a point in your favour… you want to pick the “loosest/skankiest” one of the lot and fetch her a drink…separate her from the flock. You’re off alone, boozed-up and charming — these are three green lights!’

Other material includes:

  • Tips for using alcohol to coerce women into unwanted sex.
  • The right way to finish a one-night stand
  • Encouraging readers to send in pictures of their girlfriends breasts for a chance to win breast augmentation surgery.
  • Photoshopping the head of Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hansen-Young onto the body of one of their half-naked models after she refused to pose in their magazine.
  • Sharing a photo on their Facebook page of a woman’s body cut into two pieces, asking fans which half they would prefer and why
  • Sharing sexualised images of girls who appear underage on their Facebook page lifted from teen porn websites.
  • Ads in Zoo promote explicit phone sex lines, some with images depicting ‘school girls home alone.’


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