(Confused) Feminist blogger lays into Family First over call for Zoo mag ban

OneNewsNow 16 September 2015
A prominent feminist blogger has criticised Family First’s stance on backing calls for a ban of the men’s magazine Zoo from Countdown supermarket shelves.
Family First thinks the magazine should be removed from the shelves on back of a petition initiated by Australian women’s rights advocate Laura Pintur and signed by nearly 40,000 people.
But blogger Dr Deborah Russell says it doesn’t make sense to ban the magazine and has instead called for better education around consent and sexual relationships.
Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie yesterday said the organisation supports pulling Zoo magazine from all New Zealand retail shelves.
“The magazine promotes a rape culture and objectifies women,” he said.
Today Mr McCoskrie hit back at Countdown who claimed protesters were “making a mountain out of a molehill” about the supermarket stocking Zoo.
“Sexual violence is not a ‘molehill’,” he said.
“Zoo magazine is just one example of a confused society that on one hand is content to ignore the promotion of a rape culture and the objectification of women and children, while at the same time express an abhorrence of the “roastbusters’” mentality and lament our unacceptable rates of sexual violence in New Zealand.”

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