Family Group Welcomes Demise of ZOO Magazine

Media Release 18 September 2015
Family First NZ is welcoming the demise of ZOO magazine and gives some of the credit to groups in both Australia and here in NZ who spoke up and highlighted the misogynistic and harmful messages which were being normalised in the publication and other similar publications.

“The messaging in the magazine promoted a rape culture and objectifies women – all at the same time as we try to tackle the ‘roastbusters’ mentality and unacceptable rates of sexual violence in New Zealand,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director.

“The magazine normalises the sexualisation and objectification of women, teaches boys to be predatory, encourages sexual harassment and violence, and is harmful to young people.”

“Zoo follows the demise of Ralph and FHM Australia and suggests that society is becoming increasingly intolerant of the promotion of pornography and misogynistic messages in mainstream publications, and that’s a great development,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“It’s disappointing that Countdown and other retailers weren’t willing to take social responsibility and demonstrate corporate ethics rather than put up a commercially-driven ‘white flag’. Coles in Australia said it would remove the magazine from its range in its supermarkets. Coles is not the only organisation taking a stand on harmful material. Hilton Hotels and Resorts have recently banned porn from guestrooms worldwide.”

“It is vital that families continue to speak up rather than accept the sexualisation of girls and women in the media, and it’s vital that the corporate world join this fight. The public deserve to be protected from the injurious impact of material deemed objectionable and dangerous to families and young people,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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