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Banned book Into The River picked up by American publisher
NZ Herald 30 September 2015
A sexually explicit book for teenagers that no commercial publisher would touch when it was written has been picked up by an American publisher – thanks to being banned in New Zealand.
Into The River, by Auckland author Ted Dawe, is subject to an interim ban until the Film and Literature Board of Review meets on Friday to decide on its classification – the first such ban on any book since the current censorship law was passed in 1993.
It will now be published in the United States by thriller writer Jason Pinter of Polis Books, a new firm founded in 2013 which lists 24 other authors on its website.
The news comes on the day Mr Dawe is due to speak on the controversy around the book at the Auckland Central Library at 6pm tonight.
Ironically, he and his wife originally self-published the book in 2013 because no commercial publisher was interested.
Family First director Bob McCoskrie, who started the controversy by sending the book to the Film and Literature Board of Review, said he did not regret it because the book should be restricted.
“Whatever Ted Dawe has gained out of it, well he can count his blessings, but as far as we are concerned there’s a far bigger issue here of protecting young people,” he said.
He has asked the review board to reimpose an R14 restriction which it imposed in December 2013. That ruling was overturned in August this year by the Deputy Chief Censor, who made the book totally unrestricted.
A spokesman for the board said it was likely to take several weeks to write up and publish its decision after it meets on Friday. The book is likely to remain banned until the decision is released.

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