Protest ahead of Boobs on Bikes parade

3News 7 October 2015
The organiser of Boobs on Bikes is defending the controversial parade, saying the annual event was originally meant to be a one-off to make a point.

“It was created by me when two women got arrested for flashing their breasts and I thought about it and I thought that didn’t sound right – this is 15 years ago mind you – because I thought if a guy did that he wouldn’t be arrested.

“I thought this is not right, I’m going to prove a point here and then it grew into this thing that it is today,” Steve Crow said on the Paul Henry programme this morning.

Stop Demand sex offender clinician Russell Smith told Paul Henry that despite intentions there is a link between nudity and pornography.

“We’re not here to make judgement on [Boobs on Bike], what we’re here to make is link between Boobs on Bikes and pornography, because it’s promoting pornography, that’s what it’s doing, that and other things,” says Mr Smith.

“[There’s] a clear link between pornography and elevated sexual arousal, and if we’re working with the people that I’m working with, what pornography has the ability to do is to reset the sexual point. If you think that our brains develop for stimulation and you think that we’re supposed to be stimulated – it depends on how we stimulate our brains.”

Mr Smith says the context around breasts in public makes all the difference.

“They wouldn’t be pornography if it wasn’t promoted as pornography.”

Boobs on Bikes ‘well past use-by date’
Radio NZ News 7 October 2015
A vanload of Kaikohe men trying to stop sexual violence in the north will drive to Auckland today to protest at the Boobs on Bikes parade.
Protest leader Mike Shaw said the annual spectacle was pornography on wheels, and a cheap advertising stunt for the organiser, Steve Crow, and his erotica show.
Mr Shaw said the link between porn and sexual violence was now proven, and the parade was well past its use-by date.
He said such assaults on women and children did not happen in a vacuum, but in a culture where they were objectified and dehumanised.
Mr Shaw said Men against Violence wanted other men to realise that every time they clicked on a porn site they were fuelling demand for sex-trafficking, prostitution and abuse.
He said a recent march against sexual violence in the Far North gave a number of young girls the courage to speak out about the abuse they were suffering.‘well-past-use-by-date’
Boobs on Bikes fans need help, says health professional
NZ Herald 7 October 2015
Those coming out to watch the Boobs on Bikes parade are those most likely to need help, says a health professional running a program treating sex offenders.
Russell Smith says those standing on the kerb watching the parade are likely to have a problem with pornography.
Mr Smith offered his view before leading a protest march against pornographer Steve Crow’s Boobs on Bikes parade. He also offered thanks to Crow for creating a situation which highlighted those most in need of help.
“The very people coming out today are the people we want to reach.”
The parade is used to promote the sex-related businesses of Mr Crow is being preceded by a protest march organised by the advocacy group Stop Demand Foundation.
It will see the Men Against Sexual Violence group march with sex offender clinicians and a Kaikohe community group take a stand on Queen Street just 15 minutes before Crow’s porn promotion rides down the street.

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