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They say that euthanasia is about ‘choice’, ‘human rights’, and ‘autonomy’. But what about the choice and rights and protection and human dignity of the victims of a euthanasia law. To legalise assisted suicide (euthanasia) would place large numbers of vulnerable people at risk – in particular those who are depressed, elderly, sick, disabled, those experiencing chronic illness, limited access to good medical care, and those who feel themselves to be under emotional or financial pressure to request early death. And there’s stacks of evidence of this from overseas where assisted suicide is allowed.

Europe’s sinister expansion of euthanasia Aug 2015
Growing number of mentally ill Dutch choosing to be killed at euthanasia clinic Aug 2015
Belgium study Finds Euthanasia Targets Women and People With Depression or Autism July 2015
Deaths among young an unintended consequence of euthanasia movement: Australian mother July 2015
A healthy, 24-year-old woman to be euthanised in Belgium for psychological reasons June 2015
Doctors Killed His Belgian Mom Because She Was Depressed. Now He Speaks Out Against Euthanasia Jan 2015
Elderly Scottish cousins undergo joint euthanasia for fear of being put in separate care homes Feb 2015
Documentary shows Belgian doctor euthanizing a depressed, suicidal woman Jan 2015
Mentally ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland trebles in a year Oct 2014
Man with same brain cancer as Brittany Maynard (US) has lived 13 years after being given just 6 months Nov 2014
Swiss – assisted dying for elderly who are not terminally ill May 2014

The final date for Submissions is 1 February 2016, but realistically December and January are usually busy months – either getting ready for Christmas, or holidaying with the family. Please make your submission this month. Why not NOW!

The website has all the info you need, and an accompanying 8-page pamphlet resource “PROTECT: Caring. Not Killing.” is also available to families across the country. We even have a Chinese translation!

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The incidence of legally assisted death without explicit request in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland is strikingly high.”
                                        High Court of Ireland – Fleming v. Ireland & Ors, IEHC 2 (2013)

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Please make your views known. You are welcome to use any of our resources. The politicians need to hear the voices of people like you!

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