Labour to set timetable for firms to cut sugar in food

Stuff 7 November 2015
Labour is planning to set a “clear timeframe” for industry to cut the sugar content in all processed foods in a move to reduce obesity, but has ruled out a sugar tax.
Deputy leader and health spokeswoman Annette King told the party’s annual conference in Palmerston North on Saturday that Labour would also require “front of package labelling” that was easy to understand based around the number of teaspoons of sugar in a product.
Her speech she gave no details of the likely time frame or any sugar reduction targets the party might apply.
Speaking later, she said that would be set after consultations with industry and she would not put a ball park figure on the timeframe.

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In the first instance Labour would look for voluntary reductions. It would then “look at giving them certainty about when we would require them to reduce sugar in their food”.
However, King said some treat foods, such as lollies, would not be covered by the policy.

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