Chris Brown Nowhere Near A Role Model Yet

Media Release 25 Nov 2015
Family First NZ is calling on Immigration NZ to reject a working visa for Chris Brown, and are rejecting claims by some Maori woman leaders that Chris Brown is ‘someone who young people can relate to’ and that he ‘atoned’ for what he did.

“This is simply wishful thinking and doesn’t take in to account his rap sheet since 2009 which includes assaulting Rihanna in 2009 with a barrage of punches to her face, biting her ear and strangling her; involved in a brawl in 2012; used drugs while on community service; ignored a restraining order; got a neck tattoo that looks like the face of a battered woman; punched someone in 2013 over a parking space and threatened to shoot him; and was arrested in 2013 for felony assault,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“If a person who acts like this is deemed to be a role model who could have a positive impact on young people, then we are in deep trouble. He obviously has not ‘atoned’ for what he did – in fact the evidence suggests that he has a long way to go, unfortunately.”

“Chris Brown’s actions and message should not be welcomed in New Zealand and Maori leaders are undermining the strong message against domestic and sexual violence by supporting his visit,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“They need only to examine the lyrics of his latest album, and view his behaviour in the past five years to see that Chris Brown is a troubled individual who is not a motivational speaker or role model that some would paint him to be or would like him to be.”

“We firmly believe in rehabilitation and redemption and a second chance, Chris Brown is on his ‘umpteenth’ chance. His lyrics and actions demonstrate that he still has a long way to go in his rehabilitation – part of which is admitting and renouncing his crimes and attitudes, and changing his attitudes and language towards women,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“Maybe one day Brown will prove to us that he respects women, and that his words to young people will be words and attitudes that show respect and value – that reject sexual violence and the objectification and denigration of women. Hopefully that day will be soon,” says Mr McCoskrie.

The government should reject his visa application.


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