Four tragic cases of children who died because of neglect

Stuff 24 November 2015
Newborn Reef Rippa Stone would be a toddler today if his mother sought medical attention been when she recognised signs of dehydration and meningitis.
Cherie Denese Nagle pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter, and was subsequently discharged without conviction during a court case in 2013.
In November 2012, a Wellington mother and her 13-month-old son, who both cannot be identified due to suppression orders, awoke one morning and she ran a bath for them both.
After she got out, she left the baby in the bath alone while she stripped the sheets from her bed.

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On March 29 2001, 6-month-old Caleb Moorhead died from a vitamin deficiency which could have been easily treated.
His parents, Deborah Anne Moorhead, 34, and Roby Jan Moorhead, 45, both of Dargaville, are Seventh Day Adventists and vegans.
They would not let Caleb have medical treatment for severe malnutrition and anaemia resulting from his mother’s diet producing B12-deficient breast milk. Instead of allowing a simple injection of vitamin B12, the couple took the boy from Starship Hospital and went into hiding.
A baby girl’s mother noticed she had soiled her nappy so put her in the bath on 25 October 2012, at their Levin home.
The mother, who was pregnant and home alone, put some knives on the stove to prepare cannabis, leaving the child alone in the bath for as long as 13 minutes while she supervised her other child in the yard.
The baby had a history of seizures when hurt or left alone.

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