Male pregnancy could be a reality in just five years

Stuff 24 November 2015
Every woman who has used the “well, we have to go through childbirth” line to win an argument with a man may soon be set to eat her words.
Because according to leading doctors, male pregnancy could become a reality in just five years’ time.
That’s right, men and transgender women could theoretically receive a uterus, carry a baby to term, and give birth in the next decade thanks to recent medical advancements in reproductive transplant surgery.

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“My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner,” Dr Karine Chung, director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, told Yahoo Health.
Traditionally the lack of an environment in which to house a foetus had prevented men from carrying their own children, but modern medicine is developing fast.

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