Too much screen time is biggest health concern for kids, parents say

The Age 2 December 2015
Worried parents have nominated excessive screen time as their biggest health fear for children, higher than drug use, asthma and cancer.
The poll of 2000 adults by the Royal Children’s Hospital also found parents were six times more likely to be concerned about obesity in children other than their own.
The survey asked people to rate 29 childhood health issues, including allergies, cancer and asthma.
Dr Anthea Rhodes, director of the Australian Child Health Poll, said it was the first time people had been asked about their biggest health concerns for children.
While the excessive use of electronic devices was expected to feature highly, Dr Rhodes said it was surprising to see lifestyle issues top the list.

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Victorian parents rate screen time biggest health risk for teens
Herald Sun 1 December 2015
HOURS seated in front of the TV, iPads and computers is the biggest health concern facing Australian teenagers, according to a groundbreaking report by the Royal Children’s Hospital.
An Australian-first poll of Victorian adults found their biggest health concerns for teenage children is screen time — ahead of their fears of drugs, bullying, child abuse and suicide.
(as rated by percentage of respondents)
1. Excessive screen time 58%
2. Obesity 55%
3. Not enough physical activity 54%
4. Unhealthy diet 54%
5. Bullying 53%
6. Illegal drug use 50%
7. Family and domestic violence 49%
8. Internet safety 45%
9. Child abuse and neglect 45%
10. Suicide 41%

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