'Inappropriate' sexy hen's night toy display condemned by Hutt Mayor

Stuff co.nz 3 December 2015
Questionable placement of joke sex toys at a variety store is being questioned by Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace.
Look left at the sales counter in Pete’s Emporium in Lower Hutt and you will see rows of jokey sex toys along a back wall then look a little higher and you’ll see a more single-minded selection adorned with an R18 sign.
Wallace labelled the display “simply not appropriate” and will write to the owner about moving it somewhere more secluded.
Family First NZ national director Bob McCoskrie also questioned the positioning of the goods, and said High St in Lower Hutt was “not K Road”.
“There’s a time and a place – and this location is neither”.
But Pete’s Emporium owner Peter Bunn said the display was of joke items for hens parties, and the rudest products were “up high”.

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The debate kicked off in late-November when a woman, who did not wish to be named, felt “shock and then embarrassment because I had my 11-year-old son with me who was looking at it”.
“I also felt it was unnecessary and completely in the wrong place, right in view of the cash register where everyone has to pass through, including children.
“The reality of today is children are being sexualised at a very young age and are over exposed to sex and drugs through the internet, television and irresponsible retail outlets.”

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