The damage pornography did to a six-year-old child

Stuff 7 February 2016
Walker, who is now a respected director of sex education programmes for young people in Australia, warns that there are children whose brains are being rewired by their exposure to porn, whose whole understanding of sex is porn, and who think it is OK to be abusive to women.
To facilitate an open conversation between parents and primary school children about explicit images they may have seen, Walker has written a book called Not For Kids! which will be launched at the UNSW Pornography and Harms To Children and Young People seminar on Tuesday.
“I know what it’s like as a six-year-old to see stuff and think I’m going to get in trouble if I talk about it,” Walker said.
“We already have a generation of kids who view degrading violent sex as the norm – devoid of connection, intimacy and love. If somebody doesn’t speak out soon we are staring down the barrel of tomorrow’s sex offenders and a barrage of intimate partner violence.”
The Senate is currently holding an inquiry into the harm being done to Australian children through access to pornography on the Internet.
Australian Childhood Foundation chief executive Dr Joe Tucci​ said the easy accessibility of graphic pornography is “creating a generation of children that has a range of problems with sexual behaviour”.
Tucci, who will also speak at the UNSW seminar, said children as young as six are being exposed to online porn, either by accident, as part of a grooming process, or by friends or older siblings. “They are too young to understand what it means,” he said.
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