Wicked campers offensive slogans rile MPs

NZ Herald 13 February 2016
An Australian campervan company that puts controversial slogans on its vehicles has been threatened with prosecution and a fine of up to $20,000.
The Whangarei District Council is also threatening to wake up Wicked Campers’ clients in their vans to tell them to cover up the offensive words.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has made numerous rulings against Wicked Campers, and has expressed disappointment at its refusal to respect the principles of self-regulation.
Slogans such as “Fat chicks are harder to kidnap” have incurred the wrath of Women’s Refuge NZ and Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue.
And this month, a slogan proclaiming, “My boss told me I was a w***er, I was so surprised I almost let go of his c***”, prompted a Whangarei resident to complain to local MP Shane Reti.
Dr Reti, who in turn complained to the council, says its threat of legal action alleging a breach of its signage bylaws is an important development — and he wants other councils to take note.
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