Councils Join Efforts To Muzzle Wicked Campers

Media Release 10 March 2016
Family First NZ is welcoming moves by both Whangarei District Council and now the Queenstown Lakes District Council to threaten Wicked Campers with prosecution and fines for offensive slogans on their campervans.

Family First launched a campaign three weeks ago designed to pressure Wicked Campers in to removing offensive advertisements and messages on their vehicles which have been labelled sexist, misogynist and racist. Families have made complaints to Queenstown, Invercargill, Taupo, Timaru, Christchurch, Matamata / Piako, and Thames local councils already, with further complaints to come. Family First has also contacted Disney, Coke, and Pepsi regarding images used by Wicked Campers that bring their brands into disrepute. And politicians have rebuked the company for its offensive messaging.


“Many families have been offended by the offensive signs on Wicked Campers that travel around NZ but have felt powerless to stop them. Now councils are starting to acknowledge that they can be part of the solution in response to the concerns of families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

The campaign encourages families to take a photo of the offending artwork on a Wicked Camper vehicle and then work with Family First to make a complaint to the local Council.

“Families are saying no to offensive moving billboards. We would argue that any public advertising should be G-rated and suitable for children to view. It is vital that families continue to speak up rather than accept offensive material and the sexualisation of girls and women in the media and on billboards and vehicles. Local communities have an important role of protecting children from offensive advertising and the pornification of our culture,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First NZ is calling for the government to review and tighten codes around television advertising, billboards and outdoor advertising, including pre-vetting of advertising to ensure it meets appropriate standards.

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