Trans Bathroom Bills Prove Feminism Has Failed My Daughter

The Federalist 21 April 2016
Isn’t it funny how we’re all supposed to be disgusted when men try to force abortion laws on us because “our body, our right,” but when they force their way into our bathrooms it’s just fine? This is just another example of men telling women what we are and aren’t willing to accept.

Let’s get this straight: we’re not having this conversation about women in the men’s bathrooms, because that’s not how it’s ever going to go down. Also, while most men aren’t sexual predators, most sexual predators are men, so it’s natural this conversation would center around male actions.
As it stands, not only are men trying to tell us women what a real woman is by suggesting it’s all in your head and not your totality of experience, now they’re trying to tell us to dull all our natural instincts for self-preservation.
We’ve been hearing over and over about the “rape culture” of American campuses and American attitudes in general. Activists run seminars and awareness campaigns teaching women how to stay alert, protect themselves, identify danger. They chastise police, schools, and businesses for enabling a culture that shames a woman for coming forward with rape allegations.

Then they turn around and ask my little girl to ignore all the things they just told her to pay attention to. If a strange man (not a man dressing and living as a woman, but an actual male DUDE man, which these bathroom bills allow for) walks into a place where she is accustomed to some measure of privacy, a place where she physically removes her clothing and is exposed in some manner (stall or no stall), she is supposed to ignore that voice screaming in her head if he feels dangerous. Not only that, she’s not even allowed to tell anyone she’s nervous.


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