HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: God's Not Dead II – Now Screening in NZ

gods not dead 2IN NZ THEATRES FROM THIS THURSDAY: Here is the list of Cinemas that will be playing GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 on opening weekend!
Grace Wesley is neither a troublemaker nor a crusader. But when this conscientious public high school history teacher answers some honest questions about Jesus posed to her by a struggling, seeking student, she soon finds herself in trouble.
Grace is first dragged into the principal’s office, then before the school board and, finally, into court as the ACLU leverages her “religious” responses as a way to drive the wedge between church and state even deeper than it already is.
gods not dead 2 pastorAnd yes – it is a great movie! We’ve seen it. Shown right is National Director Bob McCoskrie standing with one of the main stars of the movie. This was at the world premiere last October in the US.

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