EGGSPLOITATION: Renting our wombs is a family business

Daily Mail 28 April 2016
Family First Comment:   “Heartbreak: But handing the babies, who are not genetically related to them, over to their parents is a wrench – not least because they breastfeed for the first 10 days.”  What about the babies and their attachment?!
* The Hernandez sisters live in the impoverished Tabasco state, where the surrogacy industry is worth £90m a year
* The sisters all hire out their wombs – earning in just nine months what their brother would take 20 years to make
* Unbelievably, after carrying the child to term, they then breastfeed for 10 days – further sealing the bond with baby
* But sisters, all single mothers, say the pain is worth every penny in a country where their only other options
would be prostitution or waitressing for pennies just so they could feed and clothes their biological children  
The four sisters stand gossiping underneath the washing line, the growing baby bumps visible under tightly-fitting tops.
But the unemployed Hernandez sisters are not looking forward to the birth of much-wanted babies. Instead, they are ‘wombs-for-hire’ – willing to put their bodies through agony in order to earn thousands from desperate Europeans, prepared to pay more than these single mothers could earn in 20 years for their chance to have their own biological child.
This is a family business – one which is not discussed outside the walls of the home, just one cog in Mexico’s secretive, and sometimes corrupt, surrogacy industry.
‘Our neighbours accuse us of running an infant trafficking ring,’ shrugs Martha, who is four months pregnant with a baby being ‘bought’ by a gay Frenchman.
‘But we’re all unemployed single mothers taking care of our own futures.’





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