Wicked Campers slogans ruled objectionable by Chief Censor

NZ Herald 28 April 2016
Family First Comment:  This is great news.
However, think about this. When we complained about a book for young people that had explicit sexual content and foul language (‘Into the River’), the Censor said no. When a politician complains about similar material on a campervan, the Censor says yes – ban it! Inconsistency? You bet!

Three slogans on Wicked Campers have been ruled R16 by the Chief Censor and are now “objectionable publications”.
Associate Minister of Tourism Paula Bennett, who has led the campaign against the vans, has declared the move a “victory”.
“It’s something I believed in and there wasn’t an easy solution to it. It does feel good being part of finding one. This is a real victory for everyone that has seen the vans and been offended by the awful slogans and images on them.
“This will send a clear message to Wicked Campers that their offensive slogans are not welcome here and it’s time they cleaned up their act.”
The ruling against the three slogans means Wicked Campers faces a fine of up to $200,000 for each instance in which its vans are caught out in public.
Enforcement is down to the police, which was the agency that raised the issue with the Chief Censor.
Ms Bennett said slogans which promoted drug use and sexual violence “totally overstep the mark”.
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