Wicked Campers sexual term banned by Chief Censor

NZ Herald 16 May 2016
Family First Comment: Once again, an interesting determination. A great result. But why is it unacceptable on a vehicle, but ok in a children’s book and on free-to-air television during so-called family viewing times? Some people have argued that you can’t avoid seeing it on the vehicle. But you could also argue – just look the other way (as they do for books and tv).
So this brings us back to the purpose of censorship – it’s about protecting the whole community and especially children from harmful, offensive and sexualised messaging. Freedom of speech should always consider the welfare of children and families.

Wicked Campers has been whacked again – and this time the Chief Censor’s office has banned its use of a sexual term.
A new ruling from the Chief Censor has banned from the road one of the vans carrying a term considered to be degrading to women.
It’s the first time a sexual term has been banned from being displayed on the campervans with the three previous orders classifying the campers as “objectionable publications” because of the depiction of drug use.
In this case, the Chief Censor was dealing with a Japanese term which described a group male sex activity.
Wicked Campers, represented by Ford Sumner lawyers, said the term “may cause mild offence to some individuals who are aware of its translated meaning” but it was “simply one word” among others which were not offensive. It also told the Chief Censor not many people would be offended because not many people knew what it meant.
“Furthermore, the phrase is used for humorous purposes, and this characteristic prevails over any other potential sexual characteristics that may be interpreted.”
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