Transgender at 6? Parents respond…

A number of mothers posted responses on our Facebook page in relation to the 6-year-old “transgender”.They’re worth reprinting here because they remind us of ‘common sense’ and protecting our children.
“My brother at about 6 or 7yrs liked to pretend he was a girl. . My Mum went along with it and called him girlie. He liked the game. She didn,t race him off for gender counciling. When he got older, about 8 yrs , if anyone called him girlie they risked a fight. H went on to be a rugby rep, and a commercial fisherman.   Does this 6 yr old have a younger sister, he may think is getting more attention. Some 6 yr olds live in a part fantasy world. They want to be   airline pilots one week and Doctors the next. Let him play girlie at home, and don,t label it or change the school.”
And this one
“I am a tomboy and will always be a tomboy! I love rugby, I love Transformers, Kill Bill, and most male orientated movies. I hate shopping – especially shoe shopping (unless it’s running shoes). I absolutely detested playing with dolls when I was a child! I’m a woman, happily married to a man!!! :-)”
And this one
“When my daughter was about 6 she wanted to be a horse, she even ‘grazed’ in the paddock and I would have to tell her off for eating grass that it may make her ill so she hid it from me but you could tell by the grass stained lips what she had been up to. When she was 9 she asked me if she could actually grow up to be a horse – I had to informed her that we are unable to change species- she was deflated. Now at 10 she would deny this occurred and would be very grumpy with me if she knew I was writing this on Fb. Kids explore their world not ours. Adults overthink the immature brain and mess it up.”

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