Prostitution Survivor had this to say about Amnesty’s Decriminalisation Policy

New Statesman 4 August 2015
Prostitution Survivor Rachel Moran had this to say about Amnesty’s Full Decriminalization Policy:
“[Amnesty’s policy in favour of decriminalizing prostitution] refuses to recognize that commercial sexual exploitation is a highly gendered abusive practice, and in numerous places throughout the document, Amnesty considers recommending the decriminalization of punters, pimps, brothel owners and others who exploit women for financial gain or sexual gratification in the global sex trade. . . .
One would expect that Amnesty would know their resolution is in direct contravention of at least three UN Conventions. Since they are ignoring the fact, it is timely to remind them. . . . Where prostitution has been given the government’s stamp of approval and repackaged as legitimate ‘sex work’, there is no onus on governments to provide exit strategies – any more than they’d be expected to provide exit strategies for women in nursing, hairdressing or childcare. Women like this are simply abandoned by the state.”

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