Marlborough transgender student's bathroom battle brings about change at girls school

Stuff 1 July 2016
Family First Comment: So let’s get this straight.
Problem: A male gets admitted to a female-only school.
Solution: The school already had seven self-contained “gender diverse” toilets – whatever that means.
Problem: But that’s not enough or satisfactory.
Solution: The male can NOW use the girls toilet – and it seems the girls changing rooms as well?
Problem: Would you enrol your daughter at this all-girls school? And what kind of Board do they have at this school?
Conclusion: Obviously when you enrol a male at an all-female school, it’s not going to end well! But that’s the sadly confused world we live in today.

A transgender student in Marlborough is allowed to use the girls’ bathroom after her school sought advice from the Human Rights Commission.
Stefani Muollo-Gray, the first transgender student to enrol at Marlborough Girls’ College, campaigned to use the girls’ bathroom after deciding that the original agreement made with the school was no longer acceptable.
An online petition, addressed to Education Minister Hekia Parata and the college, gained nearly 7000 signatures.
The college sought support from the Ministry of Education, the Human Rights Commission and transgender group Tranzaction to help resolve the issue.
Marlborough Girls’ College acting principal Jo Chamberlain said she had spent the past two weeks researching the matter, including examining the Human Rights Act and the Education Act.
Students at the college could now use the toilets for whichever gender they identified with, Chamberlain said.
“The school was committed to supporting all of its students, and that included protecting their human rights,” she said.
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