Parental Notification – Hillary Kieft responds

Statement from Hillary Kieft re Parental Notification 
I’m lost for words. I find the decision of the Select Committee to be like a cruel joke. 
I find it especially difficult knowing that some of the members of the committee are parents also.

I’m so disappointed but I’m also disgusted.

As parents, we have given politicians the right to make laws and yet we don’t have a right to care for and protect our girls. We are left to pick up the pieces, and in some cases we are the ones having to bury our children – that was almost the case for my family. It affects the whole family from the youngest to the oldest, mother, father, grandparents, uncles and aunties, and family friends.

I found through the process that it was very much one sided. I was able to have my say, but I know other parents who were denied that opportunity even though the law has affected them also. But groups like Family Planning get a say. 
I appreciate the stance of the Maori Party MP and the NZ First MP. I would ask them to continue to fight for kiwi parents.  
The changes to policies are simply tinkering with the law without changing the overall position – that parents do not have to be told. And if we’re not informed, how can we care for our girls?    
I would like to thank Chester Borrows for presenting the Petition for me and for his support through the process.  
I will continue to fight for this issue. I don’t want to see any other family go through what we have as a family. I thank the many many families who have contacted me and encouraged me to fight for this issue. I won’t give up.

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