Transgender children plan for their future by preserving their fertility

Stuff 24 July 2016
Family First Comment: The first sentence sums up the confusion, and the rejection of natural law.
“When she was 15, a girl deposited her sperm at an Auckland fertility clinic.”
When she was 15, a girl deposited her sperm at an Auckland fertility clinic. It was somewhat impersonal and medical, but the staff were kind and she didn’t feel judged. The sample was taken away and frozen, in case she needs it again.
Now she’s 16. She’s into her image, and clothes, and going out with her friends. She doesn’t often think about that sample, left in a freezing unit in Greenlane. Like most teenagers, she doesn’t give much thought to the idea of having children.
But this girl is transgender. She is taking hormones to help her live as a female, and if she doesn’t think about fertility now, the opportunity to have genetic children may be left behind with her memories of life in a male body.
She heard about the option to preserve her sperm in her first session with nurse practitioner Mo Harte. The girl was there with her mother, discussing transition options with Harte. “Transitioning” is the process of becoming recognised as transgender and living as a gender other than that which was assigned at birth.
She had other things on her mind, but presented with the options, she found it empowering to be have the opportunity to have genetic children one day in the future.

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