CYF 'sorry' over children in faeces-riddled mess

Landlord ‘disappointed’ after alerting CYF to revolting conditions
NewsHub 25 July 2016
Family First Comment: And this is why people have issues with CYF. They go completely over the top on cases of smacking and unsubstantiated claims by ex-partners (see for the evidence) but fail to respond appropriately on cases like this and Moko and others. But then again, they’re completely overworked because they have mis-defined what abuse actually is! Can government solve the problem? Not until they promote strong marriages and strong formation of families, and stop financially promoting malformation of families and welfare dependency.

A Nelson landlord has described a horror house where two young children lived among dog and human faeces.

Sinead Ogilvie says she is disappointed Child Youth and Family Services (CYF) did not take immediate action after she alerted the agency to the situation.

CYF have since apologised for their handling of the case.

“While CYF was involved in an assessment of this family we have not done a good enough job. The photos prove our assessment has been poor. I apologise for that,” CYF upper south operations manager Helen Aiken says.

Ms Ogilvie says alarm bells started ringing at her rental property when she noticed dogs in their own excrement and rubbish outside. The tenants, who hadn’t been living there long, had also driven through the double-garage doors.

“I thought ‘hang on something’s not right here’.”

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