'Unacceptable' level of NZ high school students forced to have sex: report

NZ Herald 10 August 2016
Family First Comment: When a society removes its moral boundaries and promotes sexual promiscuity and pornography and ‘do what feels good’, then we should not be surprised by this trend – sadly. The moral boundaries were there for a good reason. 
More than one in 10 high school students say they have been the victim of unwanted sexual activity by their boyfriend or girlfriend.
A nationwide survey has found that 15 per cent of secondary students report they were subject to an unwanted sexual experience, with more than half saying it happened when they were aged 14 or under.
The findings come from the just published University of Auckland report into Sexual and reproductive health and sexual violence among New Zealand secondary school students.
Girls were more than twice as likely to report unwanted sexual contact as boys.
In most instances the person forcing the child into the situation was a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend.
“This level of unwanted sexual contact is unacceptably high,” said the university’s Adolescent Health Research Group lead researcher Dr Terryann Clark.
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