Another school tackles gender confusion

Trans student: ‘This is my right to be comfortable’
Radio NZ 12 August 2016
Family First Comment: Interesting. A girl at a Girls School ‘transitions’ to a ‘boy’ – but wants to remain at a girls school. Wants to have it both ways?
Girls and Boys schools will soon be politically incorrect.   
A transgender student at New Plymouth Girls’ High School is calling for pants to be included as part of the official school uniform.
Theo Cook is allowed to wear pants to school, but says getting permission to do so has been a painful experience that no other person should have to go through.
The Year 13 student came out as transgender about a year and a half ago and now sports a stylish short haircut and is undergoing hormone treatment.
Theo had been able to wear pants for about a term but, prior to that, the school insisted they wear a skirt regardless of how uncomfortable it made them feel.
“I think it took a bit to kind of get used to it and kind of understand that this is my quite fundamental human right to just be comfortable and wear what I want to school because I am trans.
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