National MPs forced to vote for councils to set their own Easter Sunday trading policy

TVNZ One News 23 August 2016
The debate over whether shops should open during Easter is forcing National MPs to toe the party line.
Prime Minister John Key wants councils to decide if shops in their districts should open on Easter Sunday, saying he’s sick of the same debate year after year.

In an unusual move, Mr Key is forcing National’s MPs to vote along party lines for a bill to do that.
“I just think in the end it’s one of those things where local government’s in the best position to decide it,” Mr Key said.
MPs are normally able to cast a personal vote for legislation like this, given the religious aspect, and that has left some in a tricky position.
“I’m generally opposed to trading on Easter Sunday,” said Deputy Prime Minister Bill English.
Family First says leaving the decision to councils will cause more confusion.
“This bill gives the choice to local councils. But some local councils are going to say ‘no’ and some are going to say ‘yes’. So that inconsistency is going to remain,” said Bob McCoskrie, Family First National Director.

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