Candidate Donates $1000 to Family First after Sword Incident

Scoop 25 August 2016
Following the incident on Monday this week, when Auckland Council candidate David Rankin and supporter Dr Don Brash were approached by a sword-wielding man with mental health problems who was later apprehended by Police, Mr Rankin has donated $1000 to Family First, as a gesture of support for safer families in the community.
“Being confronted by a troubled man who was dragging his terrified son with him and who had a weapon, made me want to do something to show solidarity with those in the community who are standing up for strong families,” says Mr Rankin.
“Unfortunately, the TVNZ journalists who were present fled the scene when the armed man arrived. I would invite them to also make a donation – of whatever amount they feel comfortable with – to make up for their actions,” says the Council candidate.
When asked how he now sees the episode, Mr Rankin said “this re-enforces my view that families need to be protected, and that whoever is elected to Council in the elections should have a focus on families and communities so we can support victims and those caught in the curse of drugs.”
Mr Rankin is the centre-right candidate for the Waitakere Ward, and is campaigning on lower rates, and bringing more businesses and employment to West Auckland.

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