Easter Trading: Next Stop – Christmas and Anzac Day

Media Release 26 August 2016
Family First NZ says that the justification for liberalising Easter trading laws will be used as justification for changing the laws around Christmas Day, Anzac Day morning, and Good Friday trading laws.

“It is disturbing that National MPs pushed through this liberalisation of Easter Sunday trading laws when they have a large constituency and a significant number of MPs who have consistently opposed any changes. It also signifies the end of ‘conscience votes’ for MPs on issues that voters expect conscience votes on” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The Easter Sunday trading laws proposed by the government will do nothing to solve the perceived problems of inconsistency, and will be a ‘hospital pass’ to local councils. The only people celebrating this proposed law change will be those who are making money from it.”

“Economic issues need to be finely balanced with family and community factors. Anzac Day, Easter weekend, and Christmas remain as the few times when the whole country stops and takes a break. For many people, it’s not about the religious aspect of some of these days – it’s about tradition and family time,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“This is not an issue about choice as has also been argued. Coercion to work will be a very real threat.”

“Tourists will cope. Many countries have public holidays with shops closed, and tourists simply plan around it, accepting it as part of the local culture and identity,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“It’s time that our kiwi identity and culture trumped commercial demands.”

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