Here's What To Do If Your Kids Are Overweight Or Obese

Huffington Post 30 September 2016
Family First Comment: Good constructive helpful tips. 
1. Expose your kids to a variety of healthy foods
If your children are used to always eating chips, cakes, biscuits and fast food, then it’s no wonder why this is all they want. Instead, expose them to colourful whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains like brown rice, and nuts and seeds.
2. Be a role model
You can’t expect your child to eat healthy if you don’t. Children learn by imitation, so teach your children how to eat healthy by doing so yourself.
3. Follow the dietary guidelines
Despite the fact that the Australian Dietary Guidelines are simple and publicly accessible, we’re just not following them.
“Our kids need to eat certain foods, and vegetables is one of them. We need awareness around these things, this is really important,” Kamper said.
4. Change the environment and your attitude
Making changes is much more difficult when the environment and attitude towards being healthy is negative. This goes for the environment not just in your home but in your own mind.
5. Focus on home cooking
“The research also shows the more home cooked meals we have, the less likely we will be obese. So, it’s about not getting those packaged foods and takeaway,” Kamper said.
6. Make veggies the hero
Don’t be put off by the possibility of your child not eating veggies. Be consistent and include a variety of vegetables often, and enjoy them together as a family.
7. Practise mindful eating
We spend more time in front of the TV and computer screens than ever before, and naturally we eat our meals this way. Kamper urges people to stop mindless eating in order to help you and your children feel more satisfied and full.



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