School that shut away kids used 'outmoded' practices – report

Radio NZ 14 October 2016
Family First Comment: The report “found that while the school believed it had the best interests of children at heart, it had some practices that were “outmoded and do not embrace inclusive and effective pedagogy”.”
What the!?????
So we’ve banned corporal punishment, now time out, what next – homework? Oh wait…
A Wellington school used a special room dozens of times to confine children but did not record every use of the room, according to a report for the Ministry of Education, released today.
The report said the room at Miramar Central School was used for time-out for children in response to hitting, biting, kicking, choking and slapping.
It did not say how many children were put in the room, and the number of incidents in total was not clear because of poor record-keeping by the school.
The report was conducted by psychologist Terri Johnstone after a complaint by a parent in July, who discovered her 11-year-old autistic son had been put in the room on 13 occasions over nine days.
She interviewed 19 staff on behalf of the ministry, and found the room had been used at least 46 times, but some occasions where children had been put in the room had not been logged and there was miscommunication between some parents and teachers over its use.
The report concluded the room should only have been used as a last resort intervention.
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