Parents struggle to limit screen time – study

Stuff 21 October 2016
Mia, 11, wants to be a vet, but her love of an online game called “Animal Jam” will not get her there. She’ll need a good education.
Her parents, Anna and Martin de Jager, have their children’s education high on their priority list. They are among 800 New Zealand parents surveyed as part of this year’s ASG Parent Report Card.
The study, from ASG and Monash University, focused on parents and their perception of state education. It showed 54 per cent of parents were concerned their children were not being taught enough about stress management, social skills and wellbeing. Fifty-five per cent of parents felt their children spent too much time in front of a screen.
The de Jagers were among the 48 per cent of parents who struggled to limit their child’s use of digital devices.”We try to really do outdoorsy stuff on weekends and cycle to school,” Anna de Jager said.
During weeknights it was a challenge. While Anna made dinner it was “easier” for her children –  Mia, Madison, 10, and a 4-year-old son – to watch something on television or play on the computer.
The family had three computers. They also had a tablet, which the children could use.
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