Term-time holidays don’t affect pupils’ exam results (UK study)

Daily Mail 29 October 2016
Family First Comment: This is interesting – in light of the same complaints in NZ about families taking holidays.
Parents who are being hit with draconian fines for taking holidays during term time are not causing any detriment to their children’s results by doing so.
A new study has shown that children who take at least one day off a term are actually more likely to achieve better results than pupils with perfect attendance records.
Figures conducted by Dr Beccy Smith and published in the Times show that 78.7 per cent of those in the classroom every day reached the expected academic level by the end of primary school, but this was fewer than the 82.2 per cent of those who took between one and 20 days of authorised holiday.
She told the newspaper:  ‘I thought it was particularly unbelievable that taking them out of school for one day to go to a museum could have any effect at all.’
However A Department for Education spokesman claimed absences can impact results, particularly at secondary level.
The spokesman said: ‘The evidence shows every day of school missed can affect a pupil’s chance of achieving good GCSEs, which has a lasting effect on their life chances — vindicating our strong stance on attendance.’
They told MailOnline: ‘We want every child to get the best possible chance to fulfil their potential. Clearly there are a range of factors that can affect achievement but to suggest missing school does not impact upon children’s life chances would be disingenuous.
READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3884904/Term-time-holidays-don-t-affect-pupils-exam-results-despite-draconian-new-fines-parents-children-school.html


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