German court rules 16-year-old girl can continue sexual relationship with her UNCLE, 48

Daily Mail 4 November 2016
Family First Comment: A disturbing decision on incest from the German court
“The presiding judge said it was important to ‘get the relationship out of secrecy’ adding the prohibition of love is a threat to the child’s well-being.”
A schoolgirl’s sexual relationship with her uncle will be allowed to continue after a court in Germany ruled the pair had a right to be together.
The teenager from Schildow, Brandenburg, has been with the 48-year-old since she was 14 and the couple ran away together last year sparking a police manhunt.
Upon returning to Germany having been found in the south of France, a court has now ruled the now 16-year-old will be able to stay with her boyfriend with the judge ruling the prohibition of love is a threat to the child’s well-being.
The pair fled when the girl’s worried parents contacted police, but after returning to Germany she refused to break off the romance.
Her parents sent her to a psychiatric clinic for several weeks in a bid to get her to change her mind.
She was only released after managing to arrange a legal counsel, who got her freed and filed a legal challenge for the right to a relationship of her own choice.
And now the regional appeal court of Brandenburg has confirmed the ruling in favour of the couple.


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